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RANDI RHODES -- 6-4-2012 ( in 3 files )
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2012-06-06 05:46:52 GMT
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Is it too much to ask if you can upload Randi at least until your membership expires. It's only a month right? For now, I just don't have the time to dedicate (ripping, cutting, etc.) on a daily basis like I least not for two shows. It's just unfeasible at the moment. I can still do Hartmann. Just not both

What do you think? Would you upload Randi JUST UNTIL SUBSCRIPTION ENDS. I'll keep doing hartmann if you can help with Randi. You don't have to edit them, do you? That's what takes up a lot of the work. For me, editing is 99% of the work.

Unless I can get little help. I probably stop all together. I honestly don't have the time. Really.

But I'll be frank, I'm been uploading almost everyday for over two years and I'm really starting to get weary of it. It's not the uploading that's getting to me. It's the lack of appreciation by not willing to help. I've asked many other people. Months, year, whatever ago. None, I mean none were willing to help. It gets really disheartening. It's effecting my desire to share.
I love sharing everything I upload, 480v.

The problem is when so few people are downloading it's a waste of time. There isn't much demand for Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, or Thom Hartmann on these torrent sites.

Or even comedy / talk radio such as Jay Thomas for that matter.

Howard Stern has hundreds of takers however.
Those torrents become self-seeding after 1 hour+ and last weeks or even months.

But with Randi... maybe 10 to 15 people tops on a good day. So it's not a time issue and no editing is required with the podcast version of her show. It's just that demand for politics is too low.

Currently I'm uploading 1980s episodes of Saturday Night Live, and that's had as many as 83 seeders! And I have another 20 or so of those I want to share.

I've appreciated your uploads, but if it's too much work for problem. You don't have any obligation to keep doing them. At least you get Randi, Thom, and Ed on your local radio station for free. I have to pay extra for any one of them.
hey 480v
can you still upload Thom's show. im going to start uploading Randi's show when i get paid on tuesday. Plus i have Bill Press, Mike Malloy and the an audio copy of Thom's The big Picture.