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The Beach Boys - Friends - Mono Mix RARE
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Review by Richie Unterberger 

Released when Cream and Jimi Hendrix were at their apex, the low-key pleasantries of Friends seemed downright irrelevant in mid-1968. Today it sounds better, but it's certainly one of the group's more minor efforts, as the members started to divide the songwriting more or less evenly among themselves, rather than letting Brian Wilson provide most of the material. The title track was a charming, if innocuous, minor hit. The bossa nova "Busy Doin' Nothin'" was a subtly subversive piece of rock Muzak, though hindsight reveals a rather worrisome indolence in the lyrics, as penned by Wilson, who was starting to withdraw into his own world. The production and harmonies remained pleasantly idiosyncratic, but there was little substance at the heart of most of the songs. The irony was that Smile had collapsed, in part, because some of the Beach Boys felt that Wilson's increasingly avant-garde leanings would lose their pop audience; yet by the time of Friends, the Beach Boys had done a pretty good job of losing most of their audience by retreating to a less experimental, more group-based approach. [All Music Guide]

1   Meant for You
2   Friends
3   Wake the World
4   Be Here in the Morning
5   When a Man Needs a Woman 
6   Passing By
7   Anna Lee, The Healer 
8   Little Bird 
9   Be Still 
10   Busy Doin' Nothin' 
11   Diamond Head 
12   Transcendental Meditation  
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