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Sry i only have 2.5mbit up, be patience


14th march 2007


I totally agree with you, and im so sorry for the harsh words.. i got kinda carried away.

At the time of uploading i had no knowledge of this release not working on some standalone players, and since i have dualmonitors connected to my cpu i never burn stuff.

Byt since i learned about this i just had to try, and this release did in fact play without any errors on my sony player.. But im fully aware of this not working with some other ones.

So if they decide to continue ripping, lets hope they learn how to do it propoerly so everyone can enjoy it!

Gonna play some STALKER now and see if thats any good.. cya! and sorry for the trashtalk once again.
Glad we came to an agreement! Have a good one! (gamingsession, that is)
You two dudes are homo's for fighting over one of the worst things put on tv ever. Seriously, find a hobby.

I download this show to show students who are learning beginner level English. It's obviously written for schmucks like you both with tiny little brains. Fuck off, I got work to do.
i Dont Know What You all are bitching about but i Just recoded It And Now it work fine....
davematband41 : LOL! And REALLY loud too!
Since when did arguing over a torrent, make people homosexual?
If YOU are a teacher, I'd hate to be in your class... If you really hate this show, why the hell do you even bother reading the comments on the torrent? You really have issues! :D And, is downloading ripped TV shows included in the class? Real classy, moron. I never asked for your opinion, and IF I want it, I'll GIVE it to you!
Have a nice day!
PS: I really doubt you're a teacher. My guess is that you have thick glasses, and lives in the basement of your mothers house, and never leaves the house, because you in fact have no friends, and therefore you instead spend your time looking up forums etc, where you can let your anger against your father (who probably left your mother alone with you) ((and we can all see why...)) run free. Don't need a degree to figure that out.
peace and love, DUDE! :D
Ninia123: Depends what you're playing it back on... It works fine with WMP, or VLC, on your computer, but 98 % of DVD players won't play it back.
Armitage76: Solution...: Buy a PC. OR, burn it onto a CD, and get a DivX supported stand-alone DVD player. Yet another example of why MAC sucks old mans ass:p
Armitage76: Keep your Mac, and download VLC. That'll work.
Caph needs to stop. LOL was doing a great job with rips, then these Caph dudes come along and nothing works.
Please seed !
great! ty
what the hell kind of service are you providing here, i'm not paying now. lol
davematband teaching people lol poor bastards. the only thing he can teach is how to be a uber douche.
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