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2006-10-12 10:33:26 GMT


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date: Wed Oct 11 2006


Please, please can someone upload the 720p-version of this episode (if it exists, but I think CTU usually releases them)?

I watched the 720p-version of the last episode on my new flatscreen TV and it was TRULEY AWSOME!! Amazing!
what the fuck is that?
I really realllly do not see any purpose of the whole AVI RARing (in 15MB volumes at that). How much do we gain - 1MB? It's really annoying to have both rar files to seed and the avi to watch - I can seed the single avi for a whole damn week, not the bunch of rar volumes, come on! Fortunately there's the single avi file release of this episode. Please stop raring movies! It's like zipping jpegs!
pussmosse, why give us a link without episode 2 on it? xD
All this complaining of upload formats... THX for upload ! respect! Cheers
Some LAN admins are setting their firewalls to block ports when you try to download a file heavier than some fixed amount of bytes. Splitting your file into several parts allows people behind that kind of firewall to download it.
Hit med inbränd text för i helvetes jävla helvete
Rasche: Kanske lite tidigt att be om text? Om du inte själv vill sätta dig och översätta, vilket iochförsig nog inte är aktuellt eftersom du verkar vara desperat efter textning.

Och just inbränd verkar vara lite radikalt? Vad är det för fel med .sub eller .srt eller liknande? :)

this may be true for a http download, but on bittorrent, what you say makes absolutely no sense, as the data is not sent as a single file, but instead cut into tiny pieces anyway, no matter whether you're sending 1024 1MB files or one 1GB file.
Of course it has to be cut into little pieces to allow connections with multiple sources, but I think there must be some sense in what I've typed before as I have a friend who actually CAN download files (and I mean on bittorrent)that are splitted into parts, and CANNOT dowload same file while it is in one part (well, he can-at 3kB speed). Maybe it has something to do with file header, maybe I am absolutely wrong, I have to find out, because it is really interesting. Should you have some information about this, please post it here.
thx for a very nice upload tiamo. Keep upp the good work...

And for u ficking nutters that complains. Go to some place warm
Vaddå tidigt ? de finns väll på ?
man tackar för denna...keep up the great work!!!
Long live El Duce!!!

Thx TiAMO ! U rule !
Thx so mutch... Keep on up til U drop ;)
If you dont like the rar version dont download it. those who have ftp and sharing and want it to be clean download it in this format its much easier for ppl on dc to download from multiple sources at once if its in rar SO DONT FUCKING COMPLAIN YOUR LAME ASS BIRD
Is the Lost.S03.E01 a recap episode?

No it shouldnt be. S03 E00 is the recap.In case the torrent label is not fake S01 should be the first episode
E01 sorry....

new to this and thanks. Quick question

Can I burn this onto disk and play on my dvd player??